THE AURORA FIREFLIES Necklace (925 sterling silver +moonstone)

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Inspired by the fireflies dancing in the night sky, the wings are rounded and undulating with a moonstone embedded in the middle, bursting with dazzling light.


Size: 12mm*10mm
Chain length: 40cm+5cm
Weight: about 3.5g
Material: 925 sterling silver+ moonstone


Diamond forever:

Small I, have a big dream, like fireflies, in the darkest time, give out their own faint light, and strive to become a better yourself.

Lovely girl:

There is a little girl in my heart, longing for the tender care of the world, waiting for tender, like the light of fireflies give me warmth.

Adjustable tail chain design

Adjust the length of the necklace as you wish

More convenient to wear

Not easy to fracture

Fashionable and elegant
Interesting contracted

It is the fashionable piece with full sense in daily collocation tastes

High quality 925 silver

An elegant collection of pure silver

More beautiful appearance

Bring you comfortable wearing experience